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HD Webcam USB Web Camera with Microphone

HD Webcam USB Web Camera with Microphone

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  • Built-in Digital Microphone can transmit sound within 10 meters, you don't have to get close to even kiss your camera awkwardly.
  • Support Mac/ Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7/ Win8/ Win10/MAC with Vista 32-bit or 64 bit etc.
  • Support CC2000, web conference, ICQ, MSN, Wechat, Yahoo Messenger and Skype, etc.


  1. Unique appearance design, high-end desktop decoration style.
  2. HD Five-Layer Glass 1080P Dedicated Lens.
  3. 2.0 pure copper transmission line length of 1.45 meters, USB connection, fast image transfer speed.
  4. Support the microphone switch, the noise reduction effect is obvious.
  5. The lens can be rotated to adjust, any angle can be clearly displayed.
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