The Voice from Customer

The Voice from Customer

Great Camera and Price (plus help for Mac users)
JideTech, Inc. has created a winner with this camera, and it’s easy to setup and use the excellent features. This camera is very fast, and shoots high-resolution video. Having invisible night vision with no bright red LED lights that most other cameras use, this camera works great even in total darkness, and its PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) function is completely silent. The camera is very heavy because it’s made of thick metal and is well constructed. It’s even vandal proof! And one of its best features is that it works with PoE+ (Power over Ethernet).

Here are some suggestions and resources for getting the security camera setup quickly, based on my experience:

If you will be powering this camera with PoE, then there’s no need for a separate power supply. Very convenient if you choose to install it in a remote location! Just be sure you’re using a PoE switch that provides at least 25 watts per port, and that the switch is 802.3af compliant. An option to power it with a separate power supply is also available, if you choose to do so. I ended up buying is the following switch, which I highly recommend: Comtrend High Power 5-Port 802.3at PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch ES-7201POE

For Mac users, note that the included CD does not contain Mac-compatible software, which doesn’t matter. As a Windows user I never needed to use the CD software. So long as you know how to use “Ping” and are familiar with setting IP addresses you’ll be fine. For more information on setting up IP cameras, Google is your friend.

You can download JideTech’s camera software and setup instructions from their website. Also for Mac users, note that the camera’s web interface uses a Microsoft technology called ActiveX, which again is not (usually) compatible with Macs, or even newer Windows machines. And once again, it doesn’t matter because the only thing you won’t get using the web interface is a live video feed, which you can view using JideTech’s free mobile app called “Hisee,” or by using your desktop camera software.

A full set of detailed instructions on how to setup this JideTech IP camera is beyond the scope of my review, but setting it up is no different than any other IP camera. The included CD has all the software you’ll need (Windows only), as well as detailed, precise instructions. Remember you can download the entire software and documentation package from the website link I listed earlier.

Here’s a brief explanation of how to setup the JideTech IP outdoor PTZ camera . . .

Disconnect from your local network by either unplugging the network ethernet cable attached to your computer, or by turning off Wi-Fi. Attach an ethernet cable from your computer to a PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) switch. Plug the camera into the switch. You can also power the camera using a separate power supply if you’re not going to use PoE, in which case you would simply plug the camera directly into your computer.

Set your computer’s IP address to, and then Ping the camera’s IP address, which should be (see vendor documentation to confirm the IP address). If Ping returns a connection, point your browser to and login with username and password, both of which are “admin” (no quotes, all lowercase).

Set ports as needed. Update the camera’s IP address to within your own subnet, choosing an unused, static IP address, and update Default Gateway, Subnet mask and Default DNS. When you save the changes to the camera’s settings, you will be disconnected from the camera.

Reconnect your computer to your local network (via ethernet or Wi-Fi). Change the camera’s admin password using the mobile app (Hisee), and then add additional users as needed. Install the camera in its final location (be sure it’s plugged in via PoE+ or with a separate power supply), and the camera is now setup. Voila!

For recording video from four IP cameras and setting alarms, email notification, etc., I personally use Sighthound Video as my security camera software of choice, but there are many options available. If necessary, ask someone with IP cameras what they recommend. JideTech also offers their own service and software, which is excellent. JideTech’s software is available on the included CD, or by download at the link I provided above. I was also impressed with JideTech’s free mobile app Hisee which allows you to view and control your camera, even outside your local network, and without the need for port forwarding. Very convenient!

Once you get the camera up and running, you may even find you like it so much that you’ll buy a second or even third one. That was certainly true in my case. You really couldn’t do much better than this camera, especially at this price point. Best of luck!
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