Frequently Asked Questions of 3X/4X Zoom PTZ Camera Hi2162-PTZ3X

Frequently Asked Questions of 3X/4X Zoom PTZ Camera Hi2162-PTZ3X

Q1:  What’s the username and password?

A: Both are admin

Q2:  I can’t read the Mini CD, where I can download the file.

A: You can download it from our website by link:

Q3:  How are reset the camera?

A: You should log in camera in IE and go to “Settingà SystemàAdvancedàFactory Settings”

Q4:  How to upgrade my camera?

A: If there is no bug with the camera, we don’t suggest to upgrade it. If you want to upgrade, please contact with JideTech

Q5:  I can find the IP camera’s address, but can’t see the video.

A: please change the camera IP address to match your router’s gateway.

Q6:I can’t find the camera’s IP camera

A: ⑴ Exclude network has Secondary routing

⑵ Power on camera and Use a network cable to connect the camera with your computer, make sure computer off the network. Then use the search tool (IPWizardIII) to search IP address and modify it to match your gateway.  If still not, please contact with JideTech

Q7:  I can’t install ActiveX on my computer.

A: We suggest you use IE browser installed of Google and Firefox, IE version less than 10

Q8: What is the Onvif version of this camera?

A: Onvif version 2.2

Q9:  Can I use Mac book to view this camera?

A: No, this camera doesn’t support Mac system, it can support Window, Linux

Q10:  Can I use an NVR to connect this camera?

 A: Yes, you can use an NVR which has Onvif protocol to connect this camera.

Q11:  Which software of 3rd Party supporting this camera.

A: Compatible with 3rd Party Software: iSpy, Milestone, Digifort and Blue Iris to Watch Video,  work with Hikvision, Dahua, XM and Amcrest NVR etc.

Q12:  Does this work with the RTSP protocol?

A:Yes, Please access H.264 stream using the RTSP URL: rtsp://<IP address>:554/1/h264major 

Q13: How to get camera’s RTSP protocol?   
A:  Main Stream: rtsp://ip/1/h264major
    Sub Stream: rtsp://ip/1/h264minor
    MJPEG Stream: rtsp://ip/1/mjpeg

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