Customer Review About BC01-2MP From Your Image Graphics

Customer Review About BC01-2MP From Your Image Graphics

December 1, 2018
If you've read my other reviews, you'll know I like details, so I'll try to give you a lot of useful information, here. I'm a professional installer of security cameras and recorders. My specialty is giving my customers high quality equipment at a good "value". There are a lot of choices out there and this camera is one you should consider.

To be honest, I purchased this camera, even though I didn't need it for a current job. I've had some good previous experiences with JideTech, so when my search showed this outdoor POE camera with an advertised 65-foot (20-meter) IR Distance, I wanted to give it a try. For this price, my expectations were low.

The camera arrived much sooner than I had expected (Prime told me to expect it in 4-5 days... it arrived in 2). The first thing you'll notice is the quality of the camera's case/body. It's solid and it's molded with just 2-pieces to ensure a good, weatherproof seal. And, I know this won't matter to most installers, but the body is tapered, so that is looks modern and attractive.

My first action was to connect the camera to a POE switch on my network. For me, POE is critical for outdoor camera installations, so I had to be sure it work without any issues. It was quick and easy and worked perfectly. The label, on the camera, showed an IP Address, so I connected to it, with Internet Explorer, using that IP Address. Small problem: My new BitDefender AntiVirus program interfered with the installation of the ActiveX Control. Once I realized what was happening, I added the exception to BitDefender and it was "smooth sailing," after that.

The interface was very complete and modern. There were some features that I wasn't expecting like "back-light" control and adjustable WDR Control. Very cool.

I tested the picture for indoor and outdoor use. I had to know whether the 36 pieces IR really gave a 65-foot range. The first thing I noticed was that the Sony CCD Sensor provided a sharp picture with very vivid colors. It's a 3.6mm lens so don't expect close-ups. It's a wide-angle, fixed-focus picture. I'd use this camera to cover an area, like a small parking lot, where I'm monitoring general activity and movement. If you need a license plate number, this isn't your camera. If you need a sharp picture of an wider area. You'll be very pleased.

I've attached some pictures to help your evaluation. In the first, indoor picture, the bookcase is ~ 13' from the camera. I highlighted the outdoor picture to help you see the excellent IR image. The tree in the center is ~40 feet from the camera. Most amazing is that the garage, across the street, is almost 100' away... and the picket fence shown is more than twice the rated 65' distance. VERY impressive.

The camera comes packaged with basic mounting hardware and a cover that protects the Ethernet connection from weather. Admittedly, I usually use waterproof PVC boxes for my installations. The look great and really protect all of the cables. A short Ethernet cable is also included.

Because nothing's perfect, here are a couple of things you'd want to be aware of. The included instructions might be confusing to less experienced installers. They refer to the "included power supply". Because this is a POE camera, the Power Supply is not included (you can use a standard 12v 1a adapter). Most professional installers will use a POE switch or a POE converter, but you could plug the AC Adapter right into the connector on the camera. Also, the instructions direct you to download (or install from the included CD) their "search tool" to connect to the camera. However, that isn't necessary, because the initial IP Address is shown on the camera's label.

The P2P function is very good and easy to setup. However, if you want to record images, you'll probably use an NVR. I didn't see where you could add a memory card to the camera. It's "possible" that it's available, but you'd have to dismantle the camera to find it... I'd never do that with an IP66 sealed camera. I'd be afraid that when the camera was re-assembled that the weatherproof seal could be damaged.

Overall, you should give this camera some consideration, if you need to cover a wider area and if you're looking for excellent IR distance and coverage. For this price, it really does offer an excellent value. Hope this helps.
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